e-Mandate is a digital payment direct debit system initiated by PayNet in Malaysia to simplify and automate recurring bill collection “

Online is the new world and in this fast-paced world, there is no time for buffering.

With Financial Technologies revolutionizing and digitizing the payment systems, changes in the ways consumer use to pay or buy goods and services is observed. Although the move to online payments in Malaysia was gradual, the rising internet and smartphone penetration fueled the shift to online banking for everything and anything.

Since the country’s initiative to move to a digital and paperless society, the volume of all electronic payment methods have been rising exponentially every year.

“70 percent of Malaysian consumers prefer to visit merchants that accept digital payments compared to those that only accept cash, according to the Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes Study 2018.”

With bank transfers being the most preferred mode of payment in Malaysia, markets or business are now open to empower their accounts digitally.

e-Mandate: Introduction

e-Mandate is relatively a new method of collecting recurring payments in Malaysia introduced by PayNet, providing a fundamental infrastructure for businesses to collect recurring payments automatically without any human intervention. It is a simple, safe and the most convenient methods for consumers to pay bills or make recurring payments for insurance premium, utility bills, loan installment payment and others directly from their bank account on regular intervals.

Previous to the online mandate, direct debit was done offline, were the customers first required to fill, sign and submit a physical form to authorize the mandate. This process was,

  • Complex with strenuous paper-based verification processes
  • Time-consuming as the operational work was heavily manual
  • Longer turnaround time (min. 2 weeks to process a direct debit application form)
  • Paper based direct debit were prone to higher rejection rates due to data mismatches
  • Less accessible and easy to use

This is now changing with the introduction of e-Mandate direct debit payment system. E-Mandate have eliminated all the pain points making mandate automation process simple, effective and fast.

How e-Mandate system is transforming old direct debit systems?

Unlike the previous Direct debit methods, which used to be manual and heavily paper-based, e-Mandate is an online direct debit payment solution that can be processed with in a day, thus reducing the processing time and rejections rates. Issuance and confirmation of mandate is done online and recurring payments are automated and collected via online internet banking or FPX.

Benefits of e-Mandate – An online direct debit solution for recurring payments

  • Automation and payment processing is done online seamlessly.

  • Customers do not have to wait long or visit banks to approve mandate.

  • Merchants can offer their customers a convenient and safe way to manage recurring bills, thus improving customer retention

  • e-Mandate enrolment can be done online and notifications can be sent via SMS/e-Mail

RinggitPay is offering e-Mandate services to business in Malaysia to enable seamless management of recurring payments. With real-time authorization confirmation and processing, e-Mandates have been revolutionizing and promoting businesses to adapt recurring or subscription payment models.