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RinggitPay | Domestic, Cross Border Invoicing & Online Payment Made Easy2019-11-22T18:07:39+08:00

Now every business can have Payment Gateway!

Domestic, Cross Border Invoicing & Online Payment Made Easy. . .

Instant Settlement

Lowest Transaction Charges in Malaysia

No setup, No monthly/annual fee

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More than a Payment Gateway…

RinggitPay is designed to cater for businesses to have their payment gateway with ease of implementation and value added services. The service comes with a dedicated electronic bill presentment and collection platform which facilitates domestic & cross border invoicing with online payment collections.

Collect, Pay with RinggitPay

We provide an end to end receivable portal to your back office and your customers with direct-to-bank integrations for seamless reconciliations and better customer experience. The services can be integrated with your back end, accounting systems.

Savings Guaranteed!

RinggitPay helps you to REDUCE overhead cost, IMPROVE operational efficiency and ENHANCE service quality to your customers.

Quick Onboarding and
Easy Integration

We take care of onboarding. You concentrate on your core business.

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No Setup, Monthly or
Annual Fee

Yeah, its true. Malaysia’s first 100% pure transaction based charging model

Dedicated Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment

Now every business can have their collections automated

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Secure, Hassle free, Easy Recon

Goodbye to your reconciliation nightmares

Get Instant Transfer on Same Day

We don’t hold your money. Awesome isn’t?

Lowest Transaction charges in Malaysia

Guaranteed. You will save at least 200% on your transaction charges!!!

A smart and secure way to pay

Go Online on No Budget

RM 0.50

FPX – from RM 0.50 *


Visa/Master from 0.65% *


Payment Gateway & beyond

RinggitPay comes with several addition to serve its customer better.

RinggitPay Collect

Facilitates domestic and cross border invoicing with online payment collection


  • Upload your Invoice (manual or schedule)

  • Publish to your customer’s Email/SMS or WhatsApp

  • Download reconciliation reports

  • Dashboard, collection aging reports

  • Enjoy Lowest Transaction Charges


  • Receive Invoice via customer’s Email / SMS or WhatsApp

  • View and Pay via FPX or Visa/Mastercard

  • Download receipt

  • Payment history, download statements

  • Enjoy better customer experience

How it works?

Onboarding to RinggitPay is easy

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Solving industries biggest problems

Significant Monthly/Annual Charges

High Transaction Fee

Settlement delays

Manual Data Entry (MOTO)

Vulnerability to Fraud

Integration Challenges

No overall visibility or control

Reconciliation Issues

Support Delay

* Conditions Apply


Can my customers use their online banking account to pay?2019-08-30T06:59:30+08:00

Yes. Payment can be made using Malaysian Banks internet banking accounts.

Can RinggitPay integrate with our accounting system?2019-08-30T07:00:24+08:00

Yes, we support back end accounting system integration.

How about the settlement ?  Money goes to merchant account or RinggitPay’s account ?2019-08-27T09:38:39+08:00

The settlement is on the same day and the money will directly credited to the merchant’s current account.

Is cross border payment supported?2019-08-27T09:46:37+08:00

Yes, cross border payment is supported using Visa/Master credit card

Is customization allowed?2019-08-27T09:40:20+08:00

Yes, we can white label the entire system under your brand

Is it true there is no setup, no annual or monthly fee?2019-08-27T09:42:47+08:00

Yes. It’s true. There is no setup fee, no annual or no monthly fee in RinggitPay. It is absolutely transaction based.

Pricing ?2019-09-02T23:24:41+08:00

FPX charges are RM 0.50 and Visa/Master from 0.65% onwards, conditions apply. Contact us now to enjoy the Industries lowest rates!!!

Who is RinggitPay?2019-08-27T10:10:30+08:00

We are in the industry for more than 10 years mainly serving Banks in Malaysia. Our clientele includes Standard Chartered Bank, Maybank, RHB, CITI, Hong Leong and CIMB. We are a registered Payment Service Agent with PayNet and acquired by local Malaysian Bank.