RinggitPay is enabling businesses in Malaysia to automate Online Direct Debit payments in a seamless manner. Businesses and merchants can now offer their customers a robust recurring payment management system with e-Mandate services by RinggitPay. Managing recurring bills is now faster, cheaper and far more efficient with e-Mandate by RinggitPay payment gateway Malaysia.

RinggitPay e-Mandate: About

e-Mandate is an online direct debit solution, offered by RinggitPay for seamless management of recurring payments. It is the simplest and most effective ways for businesses in Malaysia to handle their recurring bill collection and increase revenue.

How it works?

With the e-Mandate being authorized by your customer, payments will be automatically collected on the scheduled time and date from the customers’ account to your (merchant’s) registered bank account. Payments collected will be automatically reconciled with the merchant’s accounting system.

How to set-up?

Register e- mandate

Register to RinggitPay e-Mandate

  • Register to RinggitPay e-Mandate by providing the necessary information and details

  • Registered merchants of RinggitPay can create single or multiple customer profile

E mandate setup

Create and customize e-Mandate form

  • Upon successful registration you get access to a dedicated merchant profile where you can manage, customize and keep track of your customer records and recurring payments easily.

  • Merchants can customize and set up daily, weekly, monthly or yearly plan based on the required debit frequency

Create e mandate

Activate customer enrolment to e-Mandate

  • After the creation and set up of the e-Madate plan, you (merchant) can send activation notifications to their customers via e-mail, SMS or preferred mode of communication for authorization and activation.

  • Customers can enroll or accept e-Mandate services by authenticating the merchant via the SMS or e-Mail sent to their registered credentials

Collect recurring payments

Collect Recurring Payments

  • Payments can be collected automatically or manually on the scheduled date by the merchant.

  • Merchant can choose to collect payments manually by authorizing and allowing debit from the customer’s account on the scheduled date or simply automate collections for a hassle-free experience.

E mandate service

Cancel e-Mandate service upon customer request

  • Merchants can easily cancel or terminate mandate anytime upon customer request and maintain transparency to build strong customer relationships.


  • Easy Customer Profile Creation done online

  • Quick Onboarding

  • Dedicated Merchant profile

  • Integrated with Push SMS/ e-Mail Notifications

  • Risk Management System with PCI DSS Compliance


  • On-time payments

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Increased revenue

  • Increase customer retention

  • Reduce rejection rates

Onboard your business with RinggitPay & streamline your collection processes.

If you’re looking for where to start, RinggitPay is the best choice for you and your business.
With instant payment solutions, RinggitPay can make your online business simple and effective!

Onboard your business with RinggitPay & streamline your collection processes.

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