Today, With the advent of social media, setting up a business is just a click away. The cloud-based business model that phased in after mass social-media adoption, has led to the rise of home-based entrepreneurs/homepreneurs.


Though the process of setting up a business is uncomplicated now, there is a third-party dependency. Yes, homepreneurs have to on a third-party application or website to fulfil orders. The major reason for this dependence is the lack of dedicated, secured, organized, customizable, easy-to-use & affordable payment collection tools for such small businesses.

As homepreneurs are unable to set up an individual payment process all by themselves, they need to depend on a third-party application or website that has an in-built, dedicated payment page to fulfil orders. But, what if we say, there is a way to bypass third-party?

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If you are a homepreneur, this is for you.

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It is absolutely possible for you to sell without any such intermediary/third-party and you can collect payment from customers instantly. Wondering how? RinggitPay can make it possible.

Selling online is made much easier by RinggitPay. You can directly sell your products or services to customers by creating an individual, ‘purpose-built’ purchase page/payment page/checkout page using RinggitPay, without having to depend on a website or an app.

How to create a payment page on RinggitPay?

All you need is your own merchant account on RinggitPay. Once your account is created, go to RinggitPay website and login.

Creating a payment page using RinggitPay is as simple as learning alphabets.

You will find an option called “pages” in the sidebar. Once you click on that, the payment form will pop-up. Now, Key in the details as asked and you are done. You have successfully generated a payment page now. You can share the link of this page to your customers via WhatsApp or any messaging channel and get paid instantly.

RinggitPay Payment pages
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How flexible is RinggitPay’s payment page?

  1. While creating the page, you have the option to choose the payment method your customers prefer.
  2. You can set an expiry date for the page
  3. You can view the collection history and customer activity history on the same page
  4. You have the option to add more fields while creating the page
  5. You can send the page to your customers via any messaging channel.

So, when there is a simpler way to sell, why not choose it? Besides, cutting off an intermediary helps you cut off a lot of hidden costs too, like platform fee, commission, to name a few. RinggitPay is that one affordable, easy-to-use and secured payment tool your business needs! Especially if you are into cloud-based business, you will definitely need a smart payment tool. Switch to RinggitPay today!

Hence, look nowhere, RinggitPay is here with everything that you need in one place. Transform your payment process stress-free with RinggitPay..