Frequently Asked Questions

You can open and install RinggitPay services and systems in simple steps. Go to our sign up page, enter the required details, and our technician will help you go live and kick start your online business at no upfront investment.

RinggitPay payment gateway is developed to help businesses, especially small businesses, to grow in the digital era. We cater services and solutions to all businesses, small or large, according to their needs and help them multiply with the benefits of online payments and business insights.

Contact us with your business details and your monthly or yearly turnovers. Our team of experts would tailor the best service for your business and guide you with significant business results. Sign up to create an account with RinggitPay and talk to us for more detailed information.

No. RinggitPay can be installed at zero or no upfront investment. There is no setup, annual, or monthly fee in RinggitPay. It is absolutely transaction-based.

Yes, RinggitPay systems can be easily installed to your existing websites or systems at no setup or annual fee. For more details, go to our service pages and click on website content management or write us your queries and we will be more than happy to connect to you with more details and information.

With RinggitPay installed in your systems, you don’t need a technician or a professional for help. In case of any queries or trouble, we have a dedicated support team who work to ensure you have a comfortable and hassle-free use.

We support integration through API to your application. For businesses not having any web systems, sign up for our additional services like collection or ecommerce portal.

RinggitPay supports all global payment modes. Payments are accepted via direct debit, Visa, MasterCard, FPX and e-wallets.

No. There are no hidden charges. Once your customer places an order and completes the transaction process, the payment gets settled in your registered bank account instantly.

Yes. You can manage invoices and receipts through RinggitPay. Invoice can be sent to the customer’s email id, and transactions can be made through online services. RinggitPay safely stores all your transaction history for future references and safety.

RinggitPay payment portal services apply to Malaysian merchants. The currency transactions are received in Ringgit Malaysia MYR.

Yes, cross border or international payment is supported.