Episode 1 – A customer story

The one where John Lost it!

On a “not so good morning”, John switched his Macbook on, while sipping his mandatory morning coffee. Little did he know how bad the day is gonna get.

A mail popped up Synchronizing with the clink of the cup as he placed it down. It is a mail from his colleague that said “Urgent” on the subject. He opened the mail to find a large-sized file which must be downloaded to be accessed. (No folks!! The downloading is not the bad part)

He almost downloaded the file, – 98% perhaps… Believing it is done, he pushed the chair back and stretched a bit, which is when this message popped- ‘Your internet service is temporarily paused’. (Now, this is not the bad part too, although he had no idea why it was paused.)

He reached out to the broadband company. He was told that his internet bill is due which, again he had no idea about. He yelled at the cc executive asking, “how can you not notify me?” – The executive replied, “Sir, your due date to make the payment every month, is in the bill we have provided you when you availed our service.”-( Again, This is not the bad part.)

John said, “I want to resume the service immediately, GUIDE ME TO MAKE THE PAYMENT ONLINE”. – The executive replied – “Sorry Sir, we do not have online payment”. (Now, this is also not the bad part.)

John went in person to make the payment. He made the payment, but the company said, “Sir, thank you for the payment, it will take one or two business days to update your payment in the system and resume your service”. (Now, THIS IS THE BAD PART.)

And then what happened? That broadband company lost a customer forever. In the end, who is at loss?

This is why, at RinggitPay , we say, “Don’t blame customers Lah!” -Give them a simple payment experience.

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