Top Payment Gateways in Malaysia Offering E-mandate Service

Theja P | August 23

E-Mandate Service

e-Mandate Services in Malaysia are one of the top services to consider if your business offers subscription services or you are a startup looking to get into the pay-per-use business model. e-Mandate service or E-purchasing involves merchants selling products and services on a periodical basis. The number of companies offering this service has increased rapidly over the past few years in Malaysia.

Choosing the best and most suitable payment gateway for your business is not an easy job. Often, people think that all payment gateways are created equal, but this is very far from the truth. You need to consider several factors which include: convenience, cost, security aspects, and how much customization you would like to get. Keep reading to know about the payment gateways in Malaysia offering e-mandate service.

Curlec is a FinTech startup that helps businesses of all kinds receive recurring payments and manage their cash flow. While the company began with bank-to-bank payments, Curlec has expanded its service to include card payments, payouts, as well as subscription management and billing tools.

It collaborates with hundreds of Malaysian firms, including well-known brands like insurance firm AXA, fintech loan provider Funding Societies, and Axiata Digital. To make it easier for companies to collect recurring payments, the firm creates cutting-edge technological solutions on top of the current payment infrastructure.


RinggitPay enables an easy, fast, and smart method of collecting and managing recurring payments. With its e-Mandate payment solution, it can automate payment collections, enhance efficiency, and maximize income. It provides the most convenient option for paying bills or making recurring payments for insurance premiums, utility bills, loan installment payments, and other items straight from their bank account at regular intervals via online banking.

RinggitPay comes with various instant solutions for your cash flow by tracking your payment statuses and it helps improves efficiency by eliminating the hassle of late payments.

SenangPay is a payment gateway service that provides help with online transactions for businesses in Malaysia. Any system integration can use SenangPay’s recurring payments API. You will be able to manage your recurring payment procedure in detail. It is specially designed for merchants who want to receive payments periodically as well as for merchants who want to give their customers an installment option.

It enables you to automate mundane repetitive tasks by setting up recurring payment forms for your consumers. With only one action, you may get notice and your monthly payment. It also aids in the prevention of payment delays from your consumers. You can receive payments on time, whether monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly.

Ipay88 provides comprehensive payment methods for businesses, including e-commerce and retail solutions. With the assistance of ipay88, You may give your consumers personalized recurring payments for subscriptions or fees for your services in a few simple steps. You may add recurring payments to your service by collecting money on a subscription or monthly basis.

Their main focus is on providing secure, cost-effective solutions for businesses that need to accept electronic payments from customers via multiple channels including desktop computers, mobile devices, and other digital platforms like social media apps or messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat Pay.

The e-Mandate service offered by payment gateways is a secure way for you to make online transactions. The mandate will be stored in the online payment gateway and can be used by any merchant that accepts it as a payment method. You can use the mandate anytime without needing to re-enter your details again, thereby saving time and effort while ensuring the safety of your funds. The more information you have about your options, the better prepared you will be for whatever comes next.