Terms of Service


We (Ascertain Technologies Sdn Bhd) operate the RinggitPay payment gateway (the “Gateway”) to enable Merchant to receive payments through credit card, e‐banking, e‐wallets and convenient authorized “payment center” (called “vendors” below). If you use the Gateway (or our related Website ‐ www.ringgitpay.biz ‐, collectively, the “Content”), then you agree to these terms, so please read all terms carefully. If you don’t agree to the terms, then please don’t use the Gateway or Website. Some Content may have additional or different terms and conditions that supplement these terms.

RinggitPay may update these terms from time to time, and the changes will be effective after posting at the Website or notice to you. Continued use of the Gateway or Website indicates your re‐acceptance of the revised terms. The most recent revision date for these terms is identified above. These terms are intended to apply evenly across many places and customs to ensure fairness, uniformity and better service levels for all users of the Gateway. By using the Gateway or Website, you confirm that you have reviewed these terms with ample opportunity to get advice and to choose from other payment alternatives. RinggitPay may reasonably rely on these understandings. In any event, RinggitPay reserves the right to terminate your access to all or any portion of the Gateway and the Website at any time.