Smart Collect

Collections made smart, easy and on time with RinggitPay. Generate and send invoice, links, etc. with a detailed breakdown of the customer bill and enjoy instant payment settlements made through online payment modes.

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Create and share a detailed invoice with your company logo, including the product price, discount, delivery, and other charges to your customers. Now you can request payments for your recurring invoices seamlessly via RinggitPay’s invoice generator and Direct Debit service.

Portal for your Payers first in Market

Provide your customers the convenience of maintaining track of their payments and subscription details all in one place at the payer portal. The payer portal allows your customers to download receipts and view monthly payment history in one click.


Collect recurring payments automatically without any human intervention. Provide a simple, safe and the convenient method for your consumers to pay bills or make recurring payments directly from their bank account to the your (merchant) account on regular intervals upon authorization. 

Legacy system integration

Simplify every business collection. RinggitPay can be easily integrated into any business, small or large, with our without systems. Customize payment gateway referring to your business needs and quickly go live.

Accelerate payment settlements and do more with RinggitPay Smart Collect

Manage cash flows, make informed business decisions, accept payments online, and expand your business by integrating RinggitPay tools into your systems.

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