e-Mandate – An online payment solution for recurring payments

Simple, fast and smart way to collect and manage recurring payments. Now automate payment collections, improve efficiency, and maximize revenues with RinggitPay e-Mandate payment solution.


Managing recurring payments is now faster, cheaper & efficient

Offer your customers a simple, safe & most convenient method to pay bills or make recurring payments for insurance premium, utility bills, loan installment payment & others directly from their bank account through online banking on regular intervals.

Get paid on time

Recurring payments will be collected automatically in your merchant account from customer account on the scheduled date.

Improve cash flow

Track your payment statuses and transaction details seamlessly via RinggitPay Dashboard.

Increase productivity

Eliminate the hassle of late payment reminders and improve efficiency by automating your recurring payment collection.

Maximize revenue

Enhance customer payment experiences with fast and seamless payment processors to boost revenues and business growth.

Create a seamless payment experience with RinggitPay e-Mandate

Previous to the online mandate, direct debit was done offline and manually. This process was complex, expensive and time-consuming. RinggitPay e-Mandate answers to all these pain points and provides a robust and fast payment processor that simplifies payment collections and management.

How it works

With the e-Mandate being authorized by your customer, payments will be automatically collected on the scheduled time and date from the customer’s bank account to your (merchant’s) registered bank account.

RinggitPay e-Mandate solution for your business

With lowest transaction costs and instant payment settlements, RinggitPay is enabling businesses in Malaysia to automate online Direct Debit payments in a seamless manner. Now offer your customers a convenient way to pay bills or manage recurring payments and increase customer retention with RinggitPay e-Mandate.