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Is cross border payment supported?2019-08-27T09:46:37+08:00

Yes, cross border payment is supported using Visa/Master credit card

Can my customers use their online banking account to pay?2019-08-30T06:59:30+08:00

Yes. Payment can be made using Malaysian Banks internet banking accounts.

Can RinggitPay integrate with our accounting system?2019-08-30T07:00:24+08:00

Yes, we support back end accounting system integration.

How about the settlement ?  Money goes to merchant account or RinggitPay’s account ?2019-08-27T09:38:39+08:00

The settlement is on the same day and the money will directly credited to the merchant’s current account.

Who is RinggitPay?2019-08-27T10:10:30+08:00

We are in the industry for more than 10 years mainly serving Banks in Malaysia. Our clientele includes Standard Chartered Bank, Maybank, RHB, CITI, Hong Leong and CIMB. We are a registered Payment Service Agent with PayNet and acquired by local Malaysian Bank.

Is customization allowed?2019-08-27T09:40:20+08:00

Yes, we can white label the entire system under your brand

Pricing ?2019-09-02T23:24:41+08:00

FPX charges are RM 0.50 and Visa/Master from 0.65% onwards, conditions apply. Contact us now to enjoy the Industries lowest rates!!!

Is it true there is no setup, no annual or monthly fee?2019-08-27T09:42:47+08:00

Yes. It’s true. There is no setup fee, no annual or no monthly fee in RinggitPay. It is absolutely transaction based.