Get your e-commerce web portal at zero upfront investments. RinggitPay provides a dedicated e-commerce portal for merchants and businesses to sell and accept payments for your business, FPX online banking, credit and debit Visa/Mastercard. Now you don’t necessarily require an existing system or website to go online with RinggitPay Payment Gateway.

Social media

Easily communicate with your target audience and generate leads to your shopping website. With easy transactions, quick payment updates, and a seamless interaction platform, you can provide your customers with a happy shopping experience.

Dedicated Shopping carts

If you are an online product selling business or plan to expand your business, RinggitPay offers you a dedicated shopping cart on a monthly subscription basis. At zero upfront investments you can have your own web portal and accepting payments and give your customer an excellent shopping experience with RinggitPay Payment Gateway.

System Integration

Interface your existing portal with RinggitPay to enjoy the lowest transaction charges applied. Accept payments online, increase revenue and streamline cash flow using the RinggitPay Payment Gateway tools and payment solutions.

Open up your business in online platforms and reach out to a greater audience

Maximize revenues and increase payment success rate by providing your customers with a secure and seamless checkout experience.