A complete payment solution platform designed to meet your growing business needs

Built with easy integration and customization properties. Install RinggitPay in your existing systems and website at zero set up and annual investment.

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About RinggitPay

“ RinggitPay, is a reliable and trusted payment gateway of Malaysia, providing multiple payment solutions catered concerning the needs of small or large enterprises. With simple integration, easy application, and customization properties, RinggitPay enables your online presence to sell & receive payment at the lowest transaction costs immediately. At zero upfront investments along with the existing systems or websites, any business, small or big can grow with significant business results, maintain a track of payment statuses and provide excellent customer experiences. ”

Parent company

Ascertain Technologies is a well-established company since 2008, with branches in Malaysia and Singapore. We have over ten years of experience and expertise in providing services to banks, cooperatives, companies, enterprises, and SMEs operating in South East Asia.

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Trusted By Major Local And Foreign Banks

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