6 Reasons why RinggitPay is Malaysia’s best Payment Gateway

01 February 2021

RinggitPay is one of the trusted local and best payment gateway in Malaysia, that allows businesses to shift to online and grow digitally. With a secured payment gateway integrated to your ecommerce store or business, you can easily accept, process, track payments online and make informed decisions.

What is payment gateway?

Payment gateway is an online payment service that allows merchants and businesses to collect digital or online payments from their online store, website, or app. It serves as a channel or payment processor that authorizes transactions safely and securely.

Why do you want a payment gateway for your online business?

There are several reasons why you would want a payment gateway for your online business. Selecting a payment gateway that is safe, secured and matches your business needs is crucial not just for you but also for your customers.

Listed here are 6 reasons why RinggitPay is the best payment gateway in Malaysia. Read along to identify these objectives. Compare and study the different option available in the market and choose the best payment gateway for your online business.

1. RinggitPay Payment Gateway: Local and reliable payment gateway provider

Having a locally supported Payment Gateway enables you to accept local currencies at low operating costs. RinggitPay is a reliable and trusted payment gateway in Malysia. It enables payments via multiple payment methods including FPX, VISA/MASTER credit and debit cards, at lowest operating costs in comparison to other Payment Gateway Malaysia.

RinggitPay scales itself to meet the growing needs of your businesses offering you a complete payment processing solution. Enhance your payment processes to provide your customers a smooth checkout and happy shopping experiences.

2. Insightful Dashboard: Manage cash flow and track payment data to make informed decisions

As your business grows, maintaining track of transactions might be challenging and time-consuming. You may end up losing customers and spending more manual hours in just auditing. With your payment system maintained automatically you can put your sole energy and focus on your customers and strive to resolve their issues and queries.

RinggitPay allows you to keep a track of your payments and produces detailed payment data, so you know the what, where, when, and who of the transactions. Based on the data and business insights through RinggitPay Dashboard, you can further target your efforts on what your customers require, predict trend shifts, optimize business strategy and make informed decisions.

3. E-commerce: Add payments to your website or app and quickly start your business online

Businesses with or without systems can integrate RinggitPay Payment Gateway and accept payments online. Simply Sign Up for our services and you can start your online business in minutes. RinggitPay supports various plugins such as WooCommerce, EasyStore (soon to be updated on the website)

RinggitPay Payment Gateway is designed to provide you an effective way to handle end to end payment collections. With our user-friendly applications, dedicated customer and technical support team, you can easily add payments to your website and offer your customers a safe medium to shop online.

4. Online Payments: Wide range of payment solutions and methods to support your versatile business

Automate your recurring bills and don’t miss out on any payment dues. With RinggitPay’s subscription and e-mandate services, you can send payment due reminders to your customers and offer them an uninterrupted experience of your services.

With the changing customer behavior and business models, payments and payment processes have evolved to enhance customer usage and experience. To support your varied business models, RinggitPay offers you payment solutions and value-added services including Smart Collect, Forms2Pay, and E-commerce.

5. Dedicated Support Team: Provide an excellent customer support and experience

Your customers are your first priority. Providing your customers, convenient and seamless transaction support enhances their shopping experiences. Maintaining transparency in transactions builds customer trust.

RinggitPay’s Smart Collect enables you to create and share a detailed invoice with your company logo, including the product price, discount, delivery, and other charges to your customers, requesting payments. With excellent customer support, you can maintain a long and strong customer relationship.

6. Fraud Prevention: Safe, secured and highly reliable fraud prevention payment processor

Safety and Security are the two assets that you must provide your customers no matter what. When it comes to online transactions, businesses must understand that the customer puts all of his confidence and entrusts the brand with their purchase. With so many people shifting to online shopping, there is a growing need to ensure that privacy and information are secured.

RinggitPay is built with robust security systems and is registered by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification, which entrusts customer details and prevents fraudulent activities. Being locally supported adds to our benefit to support and identify fraud activities.

All the transactions conducted via RinggitPay are instantly settled to your registered business bank account to help you manage the cash flow and operate your business smoothly and transparently.

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